Avoid Late Fees

December Tuition is Late after the 10th!

Tuition is Due on the 1st of each month. There is a grace period till the 10th of each month. After the 10th a $25 late fee will be applied.

*PAYMENT OPTIONS-Tuition can be payed by check, cash or through PayPal on the school website.

*OFFICE HOURS-Tuition can be paid in office between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm.

* AFTER HOURS-If the office is closed you may give your tuition to your teacher.

*There is a black tuition box in the office. Please place your all monies here.

*CASH PAYMENTS- If you choose to pay in cash please place it in an envelope and label it with the following; Child's Name, The Payee's Name, and what the money is for. EX: Lunch Bunch, Tuition ETC.

*PAYPAL- When using Paypal there is a fee that need's to be applied to the amount you're paying. The detailed instructions are on the website.

*CHECK PAYMENTS- Please include your child's name in the Memo, and what the check is for. EX: Tuition, Lunch Bunch, Special Event ETC.

*EXTRA DAYS & EXTRA HOURS- Charges for bring your child an extra day or using longer than half day hours will be applied to the following month's tuition. You will receive an invoice for these charges. (All extra days, and hours must be approved in advance, for staffing purposes)

It was an honor and blessing to serve your family in 2015. Family Tax Statements for 2015 will available upon request. Please email the school office at office@newhopechristianschools.com. They will be complete before the end of January.