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July 2022 UPDATE from the Chair: Gregory Levasseur

The Nauset High School building project has begun in earnest. Our contractor continues to prepare the site for installation of the modular classrooms which were purchased from the Lincoln Public Schools. The same contractor has already begun to prepare the 37 modular units for transportation to Eastham with the first units due to arrive the week of the 25th of July.

In conjunction with the Town of Eastham, another contractor is beginning to install a water main extension through the school property that will allow the project to install proper fire suppression systems(sprinklers) in the new and renovated buildings.

The bid process has begun with a scheduled bid opening for all the sub trades ( plumbing, electrical, HVAC, iron work) on the 20th of July. Once that is completed, there will be a two week window for General Contractor candidates to assemble their bids and file them for a bid opening scheduled for August 3.

Breaking Ground: Tom Faris, Educational Liaison

It’s finally begun!

Seven years ago, educational leaders from the Nauset community expressed their interest to the Massachusetts School Building Agency to be considered for a renovation to the Nauset High School campus. Fast forward to today and we finally see the first contractor work at the 41 acre campus. In early July, work began to prepare the site for the arrival of the modular classroom buildings. In days, the modular classroom trailers will begin the journey from Lincoln, MA over the Sagamore Bridge to North Eastham. We hope to have these all in place by the end of summer to begin the lengthy task of connecting the building’s water hookup, sewer, internet, electrical, sprinklers, and other utilities. As the modular classrooms are being prepared to house students and teachers, we continue through other aspects of the phase 1A build. Additional work will begin in September as the library will be morphed into a temporary cafeteria and student center. In addition to that work, the stage of the current auditorium will be prepared to become the physical educational center throughout the first major phase of construction. We hope to share more pictures and updates to the campus in the near future as changes are happening every day.


The month of May brings (slightly) warmer temperatures as well as near finalization for the plans for the renovation and new construction of the Nauset High School campus.

The much refined architectural plans are to be submitted and certified by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). This process was reflected in several on campus meetings to further hone the vision of what the renovated campus will look and feel like once construction has completed.

Many varied groups met with the lead architect to better realize these educational spaces. This included mostly specifically-designed classrooms such as: art, music, jewelry and woodworking shops, business and technology, as well as the new media center/library. Several groups also met with furniture consultants to begin to visualize what some classrooms may look like with furniture and fixtures. The Nauset High School administration has also been involved in meetings to continue discussions around enhancing security and campus life. This refinement process brings forward a 90% completed design plan that is due to be submitted to the MSBA on May 18th for their approval.

Maintenance and upkeep of the future campus is a component of this project and meetings have been held with the engineers in order to clarify what is involved, and how the new campus is to be managed. These meetings will continue throughout the construction phases of the project. As we anticipate breaking ground and construction to begin, we make a huge shift from planning to executing the construction of the temporary cafeteria/cafe and temporary fitness spaces.

Nauset High School Building Committee

Greg Levasseur, Chair

Jacqueline Beebe, Eastham Town Administrator

Brooke Clenchy, NPS Superintendent

Giovanna Venditti, NPS Director of Finance & Operations

James Nowack, NPS Asst. Director of Finance & Operations

Patrick Clark, NRHS Principal

Chris Easley, Nauset Regional School Committee

Tom Fitzgibbons, Nauset Regional School Committee

Griffin Ryder, Nauset Regional School Committee

Ron Collins, Town of Orleans

Jody Craven, Nauset High School

Tom Faris, Nauset High School

Anthony Nannini, Nauset High School

Lisa Orlandella, Nauset High School

Kathleen Tringale, Nauset High School

Harry Terkanian

Peter Wade

Alyssa Chatani , CHA Companies

Amanda Sawyer, CHA Companies

Cristina Copper

Jorge Cruz, Flansburgh

Brian Hores, Flansburgh

Kent Kovacs, Flansburgh

Madeline Le, Flansburgh

Zach Mang, Flansburg