Christopher Columbus ( Spain Explorer )

In 1492,Christopher Columbus left Spain and sailed west.He reached the island San Salvatore in the Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus thought he had reached Asia.Over time people realized that he had landed in North America.At that time this continent was unknown to people from Europe.The soon other explorers followed Columbus.


I think that explorers are good because they find new places and explorers like Henry Hudson,Christopher Columbus, and Giovanni de Verrazano have found new places in the U.S like Henry Hudson found New York and before that Christopher Columbus thought he reached Asia but instead he was in North America and Giovanni de Verrazano he was the first person the reach what is now New Jersey.

Giovanni de Verrazano ( Italian Explorer )

In 1524, an Italian explorer named Giovanni de Verrazano set sail.He was probably the first explorer to reach New Jersey.Giovanni sailed north along the New Jersey Coast into what is now the New York Bay.
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Henry Hudson

In 1609, Henry Hudson's Dutch ship sailed for North America.Henry Hudson was the captain of that ship, he closely followed the route of Verrzano.. He sailed into the New York Bay and up the river that is now named after him.Henry Hudson claimed the Hudson river valley for the Dutch.He was also the first explorer to encounter the Lenape people.
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