By: Lucy Murphy

Fourth of July!!!

Monday, July 4th, 8am-9:15pm

205 Hill Drive

Granite Shoals, TX

The Fourth of July was sooo fun we got to watch the fireworks from Grandma and Papa's deck and do lots of sparklers!!!!! (P.S this is not my real address it is my grandparent's so please do NOT visit them unless you are invited! Thank You!!!)


Shlitterbahn was super fun we got to go on almost all of rides! There was lots of lazy rivers. I thought the most scariest ride was the downhill racer. It was a ride where you lay on a mat and went face first down the super steep water slide! It was fun and scary.
Summer is one of my favorite times of the year and who can't have SUMMER without...wait for it.....just a it is..........ICE CREAM!!!!!!! So here a cute videos about a puppy eating ICE CREAM!!!!!


We also went to Scotland it was so fun! We got to go to Celtic Park, a caravan place, and got to stay in a CASTLE for the weekend!!!! At Celtic Park it was so fun we got to see all the Celtic soccer player's names written on the floor. I also got a teddy bear there! At the caravan place (a caravan is like a camper) there was an inside water park, a beach, a mini carnival, mini golf, and much more! At the CASTLE it was super fun!!! It had 3 stories,13 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, one playroom, one giant kitchen, and one dining room!!!! It also had a massive front yard! At the CASTLE we also did a mini version of the highland games, which are like the Olympics, and we got to ride Shetland Ponies on the beach!!!!! Scotland was a very fun time!

The End!!!

My Summer so far has been great and there is still more to come, like my birthday (August 13) Marco Island in Florida and much more! I hope you enjoyed my flyer and I hope you have an awesome summer too!!!!!!! Sorry for any typos! Please COMMENT!!!!!!