November Technology Tips

The "New" Google Drive

Many of you have noticed the option for "Experiencing the new Google Drive" and have already switched to this new user interface. Google has announced it will begin switching all users on January 13. You can "Meet the new Google Drive" by watching the 2 minute video below. If you have questions about Google Drive or using these online tools with your students, please don't hesitate to contact me at
Meet the new Google Drive

After School Professional Development


Powering Up Creativity with WeVideo

WeVideo is an online video creation tool. With WeVideo, you or your students can create, edit and collaborate on videos. During this session, we will discuss the uses of WeVideo in the classroom for both you and your students. You will have time to explore the features and process of creating a video.

November 18th @ Sandy Ridge 2:30-4:00

November 20th @ Sardis 3:15-4:45

November 20th @ East 2:30-4:00