Geography 2060 Assignment

What Will Canada Look Like In 2060?

Canada in 2015

Canada has always been a great country. Our life expectancy is high, our education is good, and we have a lot of resources. Since the 1990's, Canada's population has been increasing fast. with 35.16 million people in Canada as of 2013, our population will only get bigger. if this trend continues, what life will people have in 2060? what your about to read might shock you, as the life in Canada in 2060, might be surprising.


Canada's resources might start to come to an end by 2060. while our food supply will last us a while,we need to worry about gas. A March 2015 CBC reports says that some Toronto gas stations are running out of gas. Many believe that the world will run out of gas by 2050. this is a huge problem for Canada. We need gas to drive cars and do barbecues. Barbecues aren't the problem, but the cars are. Millions of Canadians drive cars that run on gas. Without gas , the cars won't run. Electric cars aren't selling well right now and are too hard to build. People in 2060 will have to rely on electric cars. Unless scientists create a new type of gas that runs on something other than gas, cars will have to run on electricity.


Canada's population is pretty stable right now. As of 2012, the birth rate in Canada was 1.61 births per woman, and a death rate of 7. However, by 2060, the birth rate and death rate will be unstable. By 2060, the birth rate will be low. Fewer people are getting married, so less children are born. The death rate will be low because of the baby boomers.

Baby Boomers

Between 1946, and 1964, their was a massive change in birth rate. we called it baby boomers. These baby boomers are what Canada's population for 60 to 70 year old consists of. However, these baby boomers won't last for long. Medicine and doctors can't help the elderly forever. By 2025, the Canadian population will decrease very quickly. By 2060, the death rate will be back to normal, but all the baby boomers will have died by then.

First nation people

200 years ago, the first natives and the British signed a treaty that split the land territories. There was one area for the first nation people, one area for the french, and the rest goes to the British. However, the first Nations still had the land belonging to them, so the British are just borrowing the land. Today, the land that once belonged to the first nations, has now become a huge city. As the more building are built, the first natives lose more land.


By 2060, Canada will still have immigrants coming into the country. Canada will still have a good economy, and attract immigrants to come to |Canada. However, Canada doesn't always accept immigrants. In Syria, thousands of refugees are trying to flee from the country . They go to many different counties, but Canada wont allow anyone into the country. Canada is worried about Syria refugees actually being terrorists and planing to attack the country. Therefore, many refugees aren't allowed in the county. If this ever happens in the near future, thousands of people will be rejected from living in Canada.


In my opinion, my life in 2060, will feel the same as my parents adult life. By 2060, i will most likely have a job. Ill be 59, to 60 years old, so I'll be close to retirement. i would have a home, and be living well. the extreme growth in death rate, won't affect me very much, and a new type of car would be invented. My adult life would be very similar to my parents. I'll have a job, home, and maybe a wife. I'll most likely be living far from the huge cities. My life in 2060 would just be like my parents.