Road trip to Houston,tx

Here are some fun things to do in Houston!

You will be stopping in seven different places on your way to Houston! You will stop in Abilene,Comanch,Gatesvil,temple,hearne,navasota,then to Houston!! It takes 521 miles to get from Lubbock to Houston. You can stop in Abilene and get a tasty meal on the way can also stop and get some gas for your car if you need can also stop in hearne to get some tasty sweet snacks! When you get in Houston you can enjoy the beach and the sun! You can go swimming and go hang out with friends!! Lubbock to Abilene takes 41/130 miles,Abilene to Comanch takes 21/130 miles,Comanch to Gatesvil is 13/14 miles,Gatesvil to temple takes1/2 miles,temple to Hearn takes26/260 miles,Hearn to navasota takes9/14 miles,Gatesvil to hearne takes3 3/16miles,Comanch to temple takes3 8/14,Comanch to hearne takes25/26 miles and lastly navasota to Houston takes 1 10/26 miles now you know how to get to Houston,tx!!
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