North American Project

By: Heesoo Kim& Ashley Scrivner


What are the major languages spoken in the region?

The major languages spoken in America is English and Spanish, and in Canada the most spoken language would be English and French.


What forms of government do they have?

America has a federal Government system and this government runs the country. Canada has a government that runs by a constitutional monarch.

What rights do people in the region enjoy?

People in America have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Canada also has similar rights given to their people such as equality rights, legal rights, and the freedom of religion, of speech, and of association.

Religions/ Belief Systems

What are the main religions of belief systems?

America and Canada have the same main religion which is Christianity.

What beliefs do members of those religions share?

Members of the Christianity religion share the same thought that Jesus is the son of god and that those who believe in Jesus will go to heaven.

Urban/ Rural

Do most people live in towns, cities or in the countryside?

Most people in America live in the big cities or small towns, whereas most Canadian are known as living in the big cities that are close to the American border.

What are people's homes like in the region?

Most people in the U.S. live in houses or apartments. Most Canadians prefer living in the apartments which is in the big city.

Family Relationships

Do people have large or small families?

Both Americans and Canadians most likely prefer to be in a large family where they have at least three children in the house.

How are their families organized?

America and Canada both mostly have patriarchal families. Which means that the male in the house is responsible to make money and go to work.

Social Structure/ Wealth

What social groups(classes) exist in the region?

In America upper, middle, lower classes exist and so does Canada.

Is wealth concentrated or more evenly spread out?

In both countries they are more concentrated

Fashion, Literature, Art, and Music

What are their fashions, literature, music and art like?

In America the fashions are most like Nike, Under Armour, boots, t-shirts. Music is most likely pop, rap, country, etc. Lastly the literature is English and Spanish. Canada the literature is English and French. Their fashion senses mostly react to top hats, plaids, suits, dresses, Schneel products, Lui Baton. Their music is also pop, rap and hip hop and more.

Who are some of the important artists in the region?]

In the U.S. the famous artists can be Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Tim Burton, Jackson Pollock and Michael Jackson. In Canada their famous artists can be Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jempson, Emily Carr, A.Y. Jackson


How do people educate their young?

Americans educate their children by sending them to school or teaching them at home by home schooling. In Canada education is compulsory up to the age 16 in every province in Canada, except for Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, where the compulsory age is 18, or as soon as a high school diploma has been achieved. In some provinces early leaving exemptions can be granted under certain circumstances at 14. Canada generally has 190 (180 in Quebec) school days.

What do children learn at home or school?

Canada's elementary and secondary schools follow a government curriculum and employ government certified teachers, ensuring a high level of quality and a focus on individual student needs. In America children learn by doing their school work and by studying outside of school.

Land Use

How is land owned and shared?

In America the person can own a land by buying the property and owning it. In Canada the majority of the population own some land, often in large qualities. This is distinct from the few large landed estates and masses of tenant farmer.

Is land used for farming, livestock or manufacturing?

In both America and Canada they do use their land for farming, livestock or manufacturing or other reasons.

Trading Network

What kinds of goods and services do people exchange?

In America they often trade crops, vegetables, and cotton. In Canada they often trade tires and buffaloes.

What items do they trade with those outside the region.

In both U.S. and Canada they trade natural resources.


What are the main minority groups in the region?

In America the minority groups can be Whites and Mexicans. In Canada their minority groups can be Whites and French.

How equally are men and women treated?

In America they treat both men and women with respect and equality. In Canada women are also treated same as men, with the same job and pay like the U.S.