Principal's Peek at the Week

February 5-9, 2018 Jane R. Mills, Principal

Defining our Purpose- The How and the Why

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for the work we did this past week to guide us in the future. Our school has experienced many transitions over the last five years, and creating a school community built on a common mission and vision will guide us forward.

To review, we have moved from no wi-fi to tech tools in all classes. The school common drive has now made way for Google Drive and Google Classroom. Our state standards have changed three times and our assessments for accountability have been measured by ACT Aspire, PASS, PACT, SC Ready.... Our schools have moved from MAP to TE21 Mastery Connect which allows us to create our common assessments that can be analyzed across district.

In addition to accountability, we have seen changes to Goal Setting with the current use of SLO"s statewide. Our school has successful been through IB Re-evaluation and we have transitioned to Federal Funding under the requirements to increase achievement in Math and ELA for schools with a high poverty index.

We have grown with school enrollment, added new staff due to size and added new staff due to Federal Funds. Our school report card does not receive a letter grade to date, yet will add weighting for social and emotional growth under the College and Career Readiness Measures.

Simply stated, Education is complicated.

As a leader, I am here to support you, problem solve with you, allow time for planning and professional growth, and evoke reflection in you that will allow you to grow as a teacher and our school to grow as a community.

I attempt to explain the How and the Why of each change and action, yet as an adult professional, I know that it is hard to differentiate between professional and personal for you as you work in a profession that is relationship centered.

For now, as we approach the 100th day, I ask you to do what you do best- TEACH. Focus on YOUR purpose which I hope is the student. Look at EACH student and determine if they are healthy and growing both in academics and citizenship. Is EACH student in your class being given equal and appropriate educational experiences? Are YOU providing them the best school and classroom experience that they can have within a school year?

Think about your HOW and WHY. As Sunday night holds a Super Bowl for Football, let's ensure that the next 80 days of school for our students have SUPER BOWL Impact.

With great thought,

Mrs. Mills

Weekly Quote- Reminders for a Professional Work Environment

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Weekly Professional Reading- Individual Differences

Dates to remember 2/7 to 2/16

February 5, DLC at Training off site

February 6 Principal Meeting, Fifth Grade to RMSC

February 7- DLC Walkabouts

February 8- Fifth Grade Upcountry Museum, Third Grade Theater- ARTS

February 9- Fifth Grade Upcountry Museum, 4th Grade to Atlanta. K4 Read with your child day, Mills and Bostic at DO for Title one

February 12- Class Pictures

February 14, Valentines treats- 1:30 launch- end by 2:15 (craft, small treats)

February 15- Third grade Theater- ARTS

February 16- Full Faculty- Autonomy Day Teachers work at their own discretion to plan and prepare

Birthday Bunch

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Happy Birthday to You!

2/4 Cindy Demko

2/5 Tammy Porter

2/8 Colleen Hinson

2/18 Anita Davis

2/25 Alana McSharry