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Fishers Elementary Newsletter January 10, 2020

Note from our Principal

Dear FES Families,

I hope you all had a fabulous winter break, and want to wish you all a Happy New Year! We were so excited to have all our Tigers back with us this week! It has been an amazing week of learning here at FES. On Monday, our teachers focused on rebuilding community and reconnecting with their classroom community. It was so great to sit in on a couple of community circles this week and see how quickly students re-acclimated to the classroom.

In addition to the exciting things happening in our classrooms, we also hosted our January PTO meeting on Wednesday night. The PTO has a lot of great plans coming up for our Tigers, so make sure that you check their message below. One of the most exciting things about the PTO meeting was a presentation from Mrs. Steiner’s Kindergarten class. Mrs. Steiner received a grant from the HSE Foundation in order to install a sand table on the playground. The class was asking the PTO to support them in purchasing sand, some toys for the sand table, and a cover. The PTO voted unanimously to support Mrs. Steiner’s class. It was great to see our Kindergartener’s learning that they were able to have an impact on their school community. Finally, good luck to the robotics team who will be competing this Saturday at Heritage Christian School!

Thanks again for an awesome week back at school, enjoy your weekend, and we look forward to another great week here at FES next week!

Brian Behrman


Fishers Elementary School

11442 Lantern Road

Fishers, IN 46038



It’s a great day to be a Tiger!

Fishers Elementary PTO

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Saturday, January 19th, Dine to Donate – ALL DAY! Noble Roman’s.
  • Monday, January 27th, Spirit Night at Urban Air 4pm – 8pm at 14450 Mundy Drive, Noblesville, IN 46060.

Car Rider Line Reminders

Parents, please remember to have your yellow sign with your child's first and last name available for FES Staff to see as you are coming through the car rider dismissal line. This will help our line run more smoothly. Thank you for your help!

AMAZING things happening in January!

  • Mrs. Steiner – Thank you for allowing the PTO to provide funds to purchase sand /toys for many children to enjoy. Recently, you have been awarded a grant to purchase a sandbox for OUR FES children. Thank you to Mrs. Sturges and Mrs. Steiner for providing another leadership opportunity for OUR children to present in front of the PTO on Wednesday, January 8th to request funds.

  • BOX TOP submission over $310 dollars generated – Keep using that BOX Top App. just another way to give back to FES PTO while shopping!

  • Looking for a few GREAT LEADERS to help with the Spring Fest which will take place on Friday, March 27th. Details will be coming for support needed to make this a magical time for all.

Stay updated with communication. Feel free to email any questions to fisherspto@yahoo.com. FES PTO has an awesome website - https://fisherspto.com/ Keep current with FES Parents sharing ideas, information by joining our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/186767741942/?ref=share

Families / Guardians / Teachers / Support Staff of FES, amazing how we are building a positive community for OUR children. This is OUR School, OUR Year, OUR Time.

Happy New Year.


You may qualify if you are eligible for public assistance programs such as the National School Lunch Program, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, and others. Click link below for more information.

Math Superstars

Math Superstars | Fishers Elementary PTO

Math Superstars is a program designed to reward students for completing math challenges in addition to their regular coursework. Every week your student completes a Math Superstars worksheet, they receive points which can be redeemed for prizes in the Math Superstars Reward Store at the end of the school year.


Don’t forget about Math Superstars! Worksheet 15 (included in the 2nd semester packet) is available on the school website at https://fisherspto.com/math-superstars/

Please make sure you print the worksheets assigned to your child’s grade. (To save paper, use the duplex setting on your printer to print on both sides.) Worksheet 15 should be turned into the classroom teacher by January 17th. Please remind your child to put first and last name on the worksheet!

If you are unable to access the worksheets electronically, please contact Mindi Kenney at mkenney39@yahoo.com or (317) 201-6949 to make arrangements to receive paper copies.

Community Song Book Project

Dear FES Families,

I am asking for your help to create a song book that is representative of all our students here at Fishers Elementary School. A lot of my time spent preparing for music classes and performances is spent researching to find music that would be appropriate to share, sing and/or perform with students.

Part of HSE21 is facilitating student voice and choice and providing our school community authentic learning experiences. When teachers and staff at FES learn something and then we know better, we want to do better. I always want to do better for our students, and one or my goals for this year is to focus on these HSE21 principles.

The most valuable resource I have to find music that represents our community is the community itself. I would like families from our community to share their own music from their own culture. This is why I am asking parents, family members and community members to be the culture bearers for our students.


1. If you or someone in your family would be willing to share one or more songs that would be appropriate to share, sing and/or perform with students at school.

2. If you feel that you would like more music from your family’s culture to be represented but are uncomfortable or unsure how to share it yourself. We can work together to find another culture bearer that can help us!

3. If you, any of your family members, or anyone from our community have concerns regarding equity in our music program here at school. Any and all concerns should and will be addressed by myself and our administrators when they are brought to our attention.

4. If you would like to volunteer to be part of the committee that will organize and create the actual Song Book.

To contact Mrs. Stucker you may

1. Call me at school: 317-594-4160

2. Email me at school: dstucker@hse.k12.in.us

3. Return this paper and I will reach out to you!

Parent Name_______________________________________

Parent Phone_______________________________________

Parent Email________________________________________

Student Name________________________________________

Student’s Classroom Teacher_____________________________

Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse & Suicide

The mission of the Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse & Suicide is clear - to prevent youth abuse and save lives. Our team is dedicated to creating awareness that 95% of abuse is preventable and providing critical resources necessary to give hope to those who have lost their way. We will work with our communities to make sure that evidence-based curriculum is in place, so both youth and adults, can be empowered to protect, prevent, and create a personal mission to end abuse, once and for all.

Good Afternoon Fishers Elementary Families,

Indiana Center for the Prevention of Youth Assistance and Suicide (formerly Chaucie’s Place) will be visiting FES again this school year the week of January 27th. Their body safety curriculum, Child Lures Prevention, Think First & Stay Safe, will be presented to students. The lesson will provide relevant, balanced and proven prevention strategies to help families and children increase awareness and knowledge of how to recognize, interrupt, stop and prevent these crimes. As a community, we must think of childhood sexual abuse as a preventable disease. Collaboration between educators, parents and guardians, the medical community, law enforcement and our communities-at-large can proactively protect our children before abuse ever happens.

Topics to be covered:

For K-6 (elementary) we will discuss:

· Using our brains to keep us safe

· Bullying

· Body safety and the idea “my body belongs to me.”

· Brainstorm trusted adults

· The difference between secrets and surprises

· Trusting our “guts” or innate feelings

· The idea that everyone is special

Trained professionals will provide a 45 minute lesson. Teachers will be present in each classroom during the lesson. Mrs. Lance, FES school counselor, will be available if students have further questions or concerns. A parent resource video can be viewed by visiting thier website at www.indianaprevention.org and selecting the “Our programs” tab at the top right hand of the page. If you would like your child to NOT participate in this program or have further questions or concerns, please contact Mrs.Lance.

Thank you!

Jenn Lance

School Counselor



Cafeteria Reservations

Please click on the above Reservations Link to sign up when wanting to visit your child for lunch. You must have a background check on file to visit.

What's for Lunch?

For a complete breakfast and lunch menu please click here.

The Veggie Bar will be available every Wednesday and Thursday. Every student is allowed one free trip to the bar, regardless of whether or not they purchase a school lunch.

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