Rock Springs Massacre


The white miners of Rock Springs, Wyoming had been trying to strike for better working conditions in the mines and weren't being paid any attention to by the railroad companies. Also the Chinese were brought in to be "strikebreakers" because the White miners were not working to get better conditions.


"In 1885, 150 white miners in Rock Springs, Wyoming, brutally attack their Chinese coworkers."(Whites) During this attack twenty-eight Chinese workers were killed and fifteen others got injured. Also this act drove many others out of town because of the fear of them being assaulted.
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The Chinese had fled and because of this "Rock Springs Chinatown was gone."(Whites) After fleeing the survivors were brought back to town by the U.S. troops to return to work. As well as getting back to work the miners had to bury the "bodies of their friends, sons, fathers, brothers, and cousins, murdered by a mob of white coal miners."(The Rock Springs Massacre) "No effective legal action was ever taken against any of the participants."(Whites)