Zack and the bean stork

By Indiana

Once upon a time there lived some children named Chloe, Zack, Josh and Ava. One day Ava and Chloe went to the Forrest to play they meat Goldilocks and Repunzle.

They took them to Zack and Josh’s house then they gave them some bean’s - so they planted them!

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The next day their was a very big bean stork.They all climbed it.Goldilocks and Repunzle said, “this is my home - so they had a big party which had lots of dancing!

While they were dancing, Declan a bad guy disconnected the power, but Zack saved the day by fixing it.

Then they had to go home. They left the bean stalk there so they can go and visit again. They all lived happily, ever after.