Kodu Lab Game

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What Is Kodu?

kodu is a game on the computer which allows you to create a world of your choice and program different objects or characters to shoot, move and jump!, and program your own character to use within the game, you can create races and First person shooters!

goto Kodu website here: !

My Kodu Game

my game is a race to get the golden coin on top of the little mountain. you race against 4-6 different coloured motor bikes you being 1 of them.

you have to do 3 laps of the track and if you go into a mine the game ends and you loose!

if you get the coin 3 times you win!

Full Version Release date

Monday, Apr 22nd, 9:30am

This is an online event.

i'm releasing the full version of my Kodu Game on the 22nd, monday