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Risk Management & Insurance

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Vision Care Insurance

  • Covers eye examinations, prescription lenses, frames, and contact lenses.
  • Some plans cover the cost of laser eye surgery that eliminates the need for glasses.

Dental Insurance

  • Contains deductible and coinsureance to reduce the cost of premiums.

Surgical Insurance

  • Covers all or part of the surgeon's fees for an operation.

Regular Medical Insurance

  • Covers fees for nonsurgical care given in the doctor's office, the patient's home, or a hospital.

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance protects survivors against financial loss associated with death.


  • Classifield as medical insurance.
  • Covers for most or all of the charges during a stay in the hospital.

Worker's Comp.

  • Provides protection for employee's who are injuried on the job or become ill because of the job.

Most Worker's comps claims require drug testing befire the payment is made.

Health Insurance

  • Health insurance may be obtained though employer related groups.

Comprehensive Medical Policy

  • Combines the features of hospital, surgical, regular, and major medical insurance.