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Hybrid Learning Schedules by Group

Safety Reminders While on Campus

Bell Schedule

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Morning Drop Off - 7:30-8:00a.m.& Pick Up - 10:30a.m. - Please be on time!

We will be implementing a valet drop-off and pick-up system. Parents, guardians and visitors are not permitted on campus at this time. We appreciate your understanding of this change in procedure. Before arriving please make sure to complete the WELLNESS CHECK for each student attending in-person learning.

Traveling to Campus by Car

  • TK-K: Green Zone at main entrance of school (next to Kinder playground)
  • 1st-5th Grades - Main gate drop off OR Lefloss Ave (especially those living to the east of Glazier
  • Morning Drop Off - Please wait for a staff member to greet you and your student(s) at the car, confirm WELLNESS CHECK, take their temperature and direct them to enter campus.
  • 10:30a.m. Pick Up - Please have student name plaque VISIBLE. A staff member will greet you and help assist your Gladiator to the car. Then follow the directions on the visible signs for exiting the lot.
Traveling to Campus by Bus
  • The BUS ONLY loading zone is on Lefloss Ave: Please ensure all red zones are kept clear.
  • Morning Drop Off - Before boarding the bus in the morning, please complete the WELLNESS CHECK. When students arrive, a staff member(s) will greet them as they exit the bus. Students will line up against the fence for temperature checks before entering campus.
  • 10:30a.m. Pick Up - At the end of the morning, students will be guided to a staff member and escorted to the bus area. Third-5th grade students will exit class and be supervised as they walk to the bus line located by the "Knights Pride" sign on the playground.
Walking to Campus
  • There are TWO designated "walking zones". One in the front of the school next to the flag pole AND the second on the east side on Lefloss Avenue at the bus drop-off zone. There are orange floor markings to maintain social distancing.
  • Morning Drop Off - Please wait for a staff member to greet you and your student(s), confirm WELLNESS CHECK, take their temperature, and direct student(s) to enter campus.
  • 10:30a.m. Pick Up - Please arrive a few minutes prior to 10:30a.m. and wait in the designated "walk zone" for your child's grade level. Please have the student name plaque VISIBLE. A staff member will assist in connecting you with your Gladiator.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving after 8:00a.m. will need to come to the office gate and wait outside for assistance. We kindly ask that you work diligently to be on time! We only have a short time for in-person learning.

As a reminder, parents, guardians, or other visitors are not permitted on campus. If you have necessary school business, please contact the school office to set up an online appointment or in some cases an in-person appointment after instructional hours. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Transportation Information

If your Gladiator is riding the bus, please download and review the School Parent COVID 19 Transportation Protocols. Check the bus pick up and drop off schedule for exact timing. Please make sure you have completed the WELLNESS CHECK prior to loading your Gladiator on the bus each morning.

Daily Responsibilities for Students and Families

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Daily Parent Check List

Click here to download a copy.

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Kid Card Daily Reminders

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Daily Wellness Check

Click here to access the daily wellness check. An email reminder will be sent to the eligible email address on file for the days your child attends in-person learning. Staff will also have the link available during the morning valet drop-off.

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The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued a Travel Advisory which encourages everyone to limit non-essential travel to 120 miles from your home. In addition, the Travel Advisory requires anyone who travels outside of California to quarantine for 10 days upon return. If your child travels outside of California, your child must stay home from school for 10 days. During this time, your child will continue to learn via Distance Learning.

Please contact the school office if your child will be traveling outside of California.

Detailed Travel Advisory NOTIFICATION

Click here to view the complete travel advisory from the LA County Department of Public Health.

Meal Pick Up at Glazier continues!

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Meal Pick Up Information

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📖 A Little Spot Wears a Mask By Diane Alber READ ALOUD
Mask Etiquette Poster

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Hand Sanitizer Informational Poster

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