BPMS BAND Students Shine at Concert

Thursday, October 28 BPMS band teacher, Mr. Paulus and his band students held two concerts: the beginning band played at 7:00pm followed by the advanced band at 7:30pm. This was the first time in twenty months that we have held any event in our gym, and it felt AMAZING! The students are doing a great job of learning their instruments/music and know now what it feels like to perform for an audience! Thank you to the families that came out to support our students. It would not have been possible without all your support.


I would like to take a moment to thank you for the amazing young people you share with us everyday. Friday night I had the opportunity to attend the CHS football game, and I will tell you that the BPMS students rock! I saw them being respectful, listening when adults talked with them, throwing their garbage away in the garbage cans instead of the ground, and overall just being great humans!

Many of you have asked how you can help your child be successful in school. Here are a few basic things:

  • Proper sleep and nutrition

  • Challenge them

  • Every child should read a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Turn off electronics and pick up a book (plug their iPad in for charging so they are ready for school the next day)

  • Play! Help your student with problem solving, working with others and sharing


In the past few weeks, our staff have noticed an increase in students not arriving to class on time. It is important for all students to be in the room and seated at the start of class so that the teacher can begin class on time and maximize the time spent learning.

Last week we implemented a no-tardy policy. We put hall monitors in each of the hallways and had teachers shut their doors at the beginning of class. Students who were not in the classroom when the bell rang went to the hall monitors to receive a slip to admit them to class. We have been tracking this data and have noticed a remarkable improvement in students being late to class. We are on day three of our new system and already we have reduced lateness to class to almost nothing. Below is the procedure.

Hallway Sweep Procedure

1st tardy = Warning

2nd tardy = Speak with student / possibly parent contact

3rd tardy = Lunch detention (students get their lunch and go to a designated room to sit quietly and work on school work during lunch and break)

Does your student need tutoring?

The Canby Center offers tutoring options for Canby students. If you are interested, contact Linda Rasor at lindar@thecanbycenter.org or 503.266.2920.

NEW CANBY AREA Bus Transportation

Did you know that there is a FREE Canby Loop bus? Students can ride the bus to school for FREE. There are many stops. Here are a few streets where there are stops: 13th, Territorial, and Township. Please use the attached link for more information and bus stops and times.

Attendance/Sick Students/Appointments

We have processes in place to help us track students in the event of illness or an early departure from school. If a student is sick during class, they should let their teacher know and then go to the main office. Our staff will take them to the health room and check them out and contact the family for pick up if needed. If a student needs to be excused for an appointment or any other reason, please notify our main office at 503.263.7170 as soon as possible. When you arrive at the school please call and we will call your student down. This allows the student to not miss instruction while waiting in the office.

Join Us

While parent volunteering continues to be on hold until further notice, we do have employment opportunities in our schools for part-time positions like instructional assistants, nutrition services, custodians and more. We are also seeking on-call substitutes for those positions, which would provide even greater flexibility. English and Spanish speakers are welcome to apply. Visit our employment website to view all current opportunities.


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Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday - Thursday: Volleyball
  • Monday - Thursday: Play Rehearsal
  • Sunday, November 7: Daylight Saving Time Ends - Clocks are turned back one hour
  • Thursday, November 11: Veteran's Day - No School
  • November 24-26: Thanksgiving Break
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