Current events

Having to fill in a form to fly your drone

What happened?

This past 2015 their has been a lot of new technology. And one of them is the drone. While the drone can be really cool and fun to play with it has been causing a lot of problems. So they made a law that before you fly your drone you have to fill out this form. A lot of people think that this is not right but others think that this is the right thing to do. They have made this law is because people are flying their drone so high, only like 200 ft away from an airplane, and they want to know that if there is an accident who did it.
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Compare and contrast

Want the law:

Paldan Coyote says: that they wants the law because not only do drones cause danger in the already crowded sky they invade people's privacy.

AEvantelista says: that he has been calling for this law for a long time now. He says that they are not safe. He owns a gun but he doesn't shoot it in his backyard he has to go to a shooting range. He also think that they should make a drone range or something.


A lot of people both agree that there is some danger in flying drones.

Don't want the law:

A lot of people don't want the law because they are violating the law that was made in 2012. It said that they couldn't control model airplanes. They were just toys.

How does this relate to Social Studies

This relates to Social studies because They are violating the law that they made in 2012 which is unconstutuional. They are disobeying a law that they made about 3 years ago.