The Singing Revolution

Estonia's Singing Revolution

The People Of The Singing Revolution

The people of Estonia were very peaceful. While the Russians used guns singing was the Estonian's weapon of choice. From 1986 and 1991 Estonian's sought to be free from decades of Soviet occupation. During those years hundreds of thousands of people came together in public places to sing banned patriotic songs.

The wars

Now when you hear me say the wars you may think of guns, bombs, and sadly the deceased. But when Estonia fought their war they did it with loyalty and honor they wanted no one to be harmed. All it took was one Estonian to act out of order and there could have been bloodshed. For example when the Russians had tried to break into the Toompea Castle the Estonians parted to let the Russians pass. Or when the made the "human chain" through the Baltic States.

Through The years

Through the years Estonia has been fighting for freedom, hoping for a better future. They achieved independence in the August of 1991. Today the Estonians are still peaceful and celebrate their independence like we celebrate the fourth of July.