The Scorch Trials

Book By: James Dashner

Report By: Isabelle Vanderneck

Finally, Thomas was free from the appalling Maze trails and from WICKED's plans. Or so he thought. The maze was just the beginning. Thomas and the Gladers now are infected with the horrendous disease , the Flare. This disease makes ones mind slowly go crazy, and they all will die if they do not find the cure. They have a few simple rules, travel one hundred miles north through a scorching hot desert, to a safe haven. Make it or die.

Theme and Genre

The theme of this story is that things may not alway be as them seem. During this book Thomas encounters many obstacles that do not make sense to him, such as friends turning on him, even threatening to kill him. But as time goes on he realizes that those things are just variables of WICKED, who are trying to manipulate his brain. He has to then sort what is true and what is the mind game that WICKED is playing. Science-fiction is the genre of this story.
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Would I Recommend this Book?

I would recommend this book in an instant. If you have read the first book and enjoyed it, this book will not disappoint. It has many plot twists and it keeps you on your toes constantly.

Was the Book Well Written?

This book was very well written. The author gave you enough information to keep the story moving, but still left you to predict what happens next. The science and trials in this book can be confusing at times. The fun part is, Thomas is also confused by it all, and as you figure out what is happening, so does he.

Author's Writing Style

I love this author's writing style, he lets you stay curious, intrigued, and excited all the time. There is never a dull moment in his stories. I find his plots very interesting as well. In each book of this series there is an epilogue, that is portrayed to sound like the women in charge of this whole experiment. It gives you extra information about the trials they are doing, and clears things up for the reader which I find very helpful and entertaining.