Culture Project

By: Hailey McCoy

Customs/ Traditions:

  • On everyone's birthday, in my family, we bake a special birthday cupcake for them to eat for breakfast.
  • Every Sunday we have Sunday dinners and we sit around all day watching movies and playing games.


  • Honesty - Honesty is a huge thing in my family. Lying is not tolerated.
  • Respect - Respect might be the only thing in my family that is valued more than honesty.


  • Often times you will find my family cooking. Not because we like to cook, but because we like to eat.
  • If we aren't cooking we are watching sports together. Usually we like to watch soccer.


  • Catholic
  • Methodist

Art/ Music/ Literature

We all like music in my family but we all enjoy very diverse genres.


  • Country
  • Pop
  • Heavy metal