WMS Friday Forecast

September 14, 2018 - Week 4

The Importance of Outside

As kids have become more "connected"- some have lost "outside". At Wredling we are encouraging our kids to spend time outside. First, we now have daily lunch recess where kids can get outside to play and relax outside. Our classes are also encouraged to go outside, especially near our new pond by the LRC.

Science tells us that kids who disconnect from technology and spend time outside, even for 30 minutes per day, are better students and more calm in their lives. The more you can encourage them to go outside to wander and wonder, to play near a creek or pond, to ride their bikes, the better off they will be when they are connected.

Enjoy some time outside this weekend! If you are looking for something really fun to do, head to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle and see the trolls!

Tim Loversky, Principal

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Please note that our Bus Circle is closed to ALL car traffic EVERY DAY as follows:

  • 7:30 am - 8:30 am
  • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Thank you for helping to keep students safe during arrival and dismissal. We appreciate it!


We would like to send out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Wredling Parent John Huddleston of Upstaging, Inc in Sycamore. Last week we put out a call looking for some help obtaining some Vendor and Visitor badges to support our safety initiatives. John replied within minutes and came through for us in a big way. He delivered the badges to us (see the included photo) and they are already being put to use daily. We are so appreciative of his donation to our Wredling family and his help in our ongoing commitment to having all staff, students and visitors wearing ID's at all times.


It is important that we learn how to pronounce each student's name correctly. But not all names are easy for all people to pronounce based on the language or culture of origin. If your child has a name that we frequently mispronounce, can you complete the form below? We will then share it with staff so they can pronounce your child's first and last name correctly.
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ID's "OUT and ON" 100% of the Time!

Our goal is that 100% of our students and staff wear an ID 100% of the time! We do this so that staff can easily identify students, and so that we know that people in our building belong in our building. With this goal in mind:
  • If students do not have an ID on, they will either be sent to their locker to get it, or to the LRC for a one-day temporary ID (25 cents).
  • If they continue to not have it - after 3 temporary ID's - we will make them a new one ($2 for ID, $1 for lanyard) and get it to them. We will also let them know that they need to pay the LRC if they do not have the money right away.
  • The LRC is NOT on PushCoin so students have to bring in payments directly to the LRC.

Currently we give kids simple reminders to wear their ID's... No ID? Head to the LRC!

If you know that your student is reluctant to follow this policy, please have a conversation with them about the importance of it. Thank you for your assistance in this!

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Hi RedHawk families! We are looking for help printing some brochures. We have the PapaNicholas Fundraiser coming up really soon! We are trying very hard to keep our costs down. We'll be needing 1500 full color brochures printed (11 x 17, folded in half) to kick-off our fundraiser for Wredling. If you could help us, can you contact Debbie Wright at d_dwright@comcast.net? Thank you so much!

The Button Above Takes You To Wredling Clubs & Activities!

Some parents have reported having difficulty locating the Clubs & Activities on the new website. We created a direct link for you and will keep it in the Friday Forecast for a while while everyone gets used to the new website format.

We know that our new website has things set up in a different layout than our previous one. This can be a challenge for some of us to find the information we are looking for. Here is a quick guide of where to find things:

  • The "HOME" page has banners along the bottom with Announcements, etc., These will change or be added to as the year progresses.

  • The Calendar shows a few events/dates on the home page or you can click on the "CALENDAR" tab to the right for the whole thing!

  • The "ABOUT" dropdown has our Bell schedule!

  • The "ACADEMICS" dropdown has our Grade Level, Explore, & Support Hubs

  • The "ACTIVITIES" dropdown has our Activity Bus Schedule, Clubs & Athletics
    Note: Look under "ATHLETICS OVERVIEW" for various athletic forms

  • The "LRC" dropdown has things related to the LRC including the Online Catalog

  • The "STUDENTS" and "PARENTS" dropdowns have links specifically geared towards your groups needs!
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OUTDOOR ED - The Adventure Continues...

Outdoor Ed is a time for team-building and problem-solving. It is a time for facing and overcoming challenges. The students come home really tired, but changed for the better. Ask your Team 6-1 or Team 6-2 member about their experiences earlier this week!

Team 6-1

Team 6-2

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Did you see the video yet? Were you in it? If not, come this year and get in next year's video! This year's event is going to the most EPIC Color Run yet with the addition of FOAM!!!! Come One Come All to the Wredling PTO Color/Foam Run on Thursday, October 4th at 5:30pm on the Wredling track. Don't forget to fill out your registration forms online at www.wredlingpto.org by Friday, September 21st. Students, build a team of 5, bring the whole family, come have fun and get messy with all your friends to close out the school year. Who will have the most color? Who will have the best costumes? Who will win the best prizes? Come and find out!

Registration Fees On/Before Friday, September 21st:
Wredling Student: $25
Adults: $30

Wredling Student Teams of Five: $100 or Family Team of Four or More: $100

After Friday, September 21st , registration available only in person on the day of event fees increase $10/person.

Need to register? Want to watch the launch video?
Visit the Wredling PTO website for all the info and registration www.wredlingtpto.org

Pay at square.come/store/wmspto (registration not complete until paid)

Any other questions contact Kate Bell at cheyennecairo@yahoo.com.

See you there!

Wredling Activity Calendar

This calendar is always being updated - especially at the beginning of the year! We are currently in the process of getting all of the club information on there!

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D303 Parent University - Safety & Security in D303

Wednesday, 9/26 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Thompson Middle School

6th Grade Center Cafeteria

An emergency or disaster can strike a school community at any time and can take the form of natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes. earthquakes or fires, as well as man-made accidents or criminal activity. When an event occurs during the school day, it is the responsibility of District 303 to care for and protect our most valuable resource: children.

On a regular basis, the school district works in partnership with local public safety and law enforcement officials on training and appropriate responses to emergency events.

As part of this Parent University program, presenters will discuss:

  • Secure building entrances
  • Visitor Management
  • Communication
  • Weather Alerts
  • Drills and evacuation plans
  • Lesson Plans

In addition, we will show an interview conducted by the Illinois Principals Association with Dr. Seth Chapman on his research related to school shootings.


Dr. Seth Chapman, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Mr. John Baird, Assistant Superintendent for Operations

Commander Chuck Pierce, St. Charles Police Department


D303 Parent University - Showing & Discussion of the film Angst

Showing & Discussion of the film Angst

10/10/18 - 6:30-8:30 p.m.

St. Charles North High School Auditorium

The purpose of the film Angst is to raise awareness and have conversations about anxiety. It features candid interviews with kids who have struggled with anxiety, as well as discussions with mental health professionals. At the end of the film there will be a 30 minute panel discussion led by the D303 Counseling Team.

As part of our agreement with the production company, we are able to show the film in both middle schools and both high schools during the week of October 8. This will provide parents and students an opportunity to have conversations at home about what they saw.


Wredling Middle School - Home of the Redhawks

Contact us on Twitter @ WredlingD303