16 of the World's Smartest Children

Smart Kids!


1. Most of these kids accelerated through the educational system at a very early age

2. Many of these children had difficult lives socially and emotionally

3. All of the children had adults in their lives that recognized that they needed more educationally and what was provided was the same educational system, but at an accelerated pace, resulting in very young children in educational settings with MUCH older people.

Additional Questions to Ponder

1. Would these great minds have accomplished even more if their educational needs had been met in a way that was not just the same education at a faster pace?

2. Is/was there a way to help these great thinkers emotionally and socially so that they were not so troubled during their lives? Could they have been more accepted by their peers?

My Immediate Action

Help my gifted students to find friends and understand that those around them are as important and intelligent as they are, just in different ways, while still challenging them intellectually.
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