WL Weekday Newsletter

Buckhead Church - Twos

Hello Everyone,

We hope you guys had a wonderful 4th!

It was HILARIOUS to hear what the kids had to say about yesterday. We encouraged them to use their imagination as we asked what they celebrated yesterday. It was so funny to hear their answers "Mommy's Birthday!", "Christmas!". Too funny.

As we taught them the name of the holiday and talked a little bit of what it meant (not that make any sense right now for them), we took opportunity to introduce in a very simple way "ordinal number counting" (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th). They will learn that much latter on but we enjoyed just teasing their minds ;).

We will continue this week talking about 4th of July and celebrating our wonderful country.

"Ms. Belle" saying the Pledge

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Space Week...

Ms. Gabby was out last Monday and Tuesday, but our amazing team of teachers did amazing to move along with our plans for the week!

Our kids loved all the gluing and cutting that our projects involved. The highlights were:

  • Ms. Alicia taking the kids to the other hall and so creatively teaching them about the planets;
  • Experiencing the older class routine as we combined classes two days. It's amazing how they like when we give them more responsibilities! They even went outside holding the rope (see pic below).
  • Making Moon Sand and Moon Rocks

Favorite Moments

Silly Ms.Lisa and Ada

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Silly Journey, Silly Ms. Lisa

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Wrapping up...

We hope y'all enjoyed it.

Please let us know if y'all have any question or need anything.

Ms. Gabby - Ms. Ashley - Ms. Alicia - Ms. Lisa