Greek Gods And Godess

By: NeKiah Smith & Alondra Davis


Represents-The underworld and afterlife.

Greek Mythology-God of the underworld

Known As (Nickname)-Pluto

Related to-Hades,Posideon,Hera,Demeter,And Hestia.

Chacteristics-Ceburus,Drinking horn,And Scepter

Represented By-Cronus & Rhea

Sacred Animals-Owl Black Ram & Three Headed Dog

Interesting Myth/Story-Has alot of wealth

Other Info-Greek and god of the dead

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Our Three Greek Gods

Of Mythology


Represents-Goddess of hearth & domestic life

Greek Mythology-She destroyed fire in homes

Related to-Demeter,Hades,Zeus, Posideon, and Hera

Characteristics-The most widely revered of all

Represented by-

Sacred Animals-Gold,dark/rose

Interesting Story-In myth Hestia was the first born child

Other Info- Hestia taught men how to build houses.


Represents-Godess of war

Greek Mythology-Activity arts & literature

Related To-Hercules,Hera,Zeus,Ares

Characteristics-She was the goddess of war,wisdom and weaving

Represented By- special gifts, blessings, or protection

Sacred Animals- snow owl, owl

Interesting Story- The story of Medusa and thee Greek Goddess

Other Info-Athena was born from zeus after an enormus hedache