By Reece Chappell

this is Greece's flag to many stripes.

Traditional Greek dance at Dora Stratou theatre part 3

This is a traditional dance in Greece

Fun facts

In the 1950s only about 30% of the adults could read and write. Greece is a little smaller than Alabama.Greece has 2,000 islands.
Street Soccer Player in Athens, Greece

This is a guy doing soccer tricks in Anthens the capital of Greece.

Fun facts

Football which we call soccer is the national sport of Greece.The first Olympic Games took place in 776 B.C. The first Olympic champion was a Greek cook named Coroebus who won the sprint race.Greece’s currency, the drachma, was 2,650 years old and Europe’s oldest currency. The drachma was replaced with the Euro in 2002.

I hope you learned something about Greece.