By Angela

A Weapon Of Importance

Artillery is a class of large military weapon used to fire ammunition father than normal guns used in a soldier's hand. They could fire something from farther away, had more range, and the ammunition they released had impacts with the ground that were more powerful and explosive.

One of the most common types of artillery is called a cannon. Shells, howitzers, mortars, rockets and guided missiles are all types of ammunition for artillery used in World War One. They were all important in the battlefield. Using artillery, soldiers had the advantage of the ability for artillery shells to be aimed to land directly into an enemy's trench. Sometimes, a bunch of artillery could fire in one direction, each firing several rounds per minute. This could go for hours at a time. Enemies could sometimes get rained on with bombs and shells for a long time, with no way out of it.

Artillery was the most dangerous land-based machines they used in World War One. For example, during World War I, the Germans used mortars. These mortars had the ability to aim above forty-five degrees, and they caused a huge explosion.

Did You Know . . .

Did you know that the German Paris Gun, also known as William's Gun, was the largest artillery of World War I? It could shell something from 120 kilometers away! A lot of mapping and coordination would be needed for such a task.