Summers' Scoop

February 1, 2016

Great Kindness Challenge

Last week, our class participated in the Great Kindness Challenge! We all did our best to show acts of kindness throughout the week. Together we did 336 acts of kindness during the week! Wow! We will continue to talk about being kind to others and the impact that our kind acts can have on other people.

Valentine's Day Card Exchange

We will exchange Valentine's Day Cards on Friday, February 12th. This is the day of our field trip, so we will plan to exchange cards before we load the bus at 8:45 a.m. Please see the flier that went home in Thursday folders for more information.

Third Grade PTO Meeting - Tuesday, February 23rd

Mark your calendars for the next Lake Murray PTO Meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23rd at 6:45 p.m. Third Grade Students will sing songs about South Carolina and share information about South Carolina. This is a fun performance which students have been practicing in music class each week.

Math Update

In Math, we are moving through Chapter 9. This is a difficult chapter for students, so please plan to give help at home as needed. We have already learned about the Associative and Distributive Properties of Multiplication. Next, we will learn about writing expressions in math using pictures, numbers, and words (example: plus three or 3 more than 1). We will use variables such as x, y, or n in an expression and be able to solve (example 6 x 4 -y; y = 20). We will also write equations and solve two-step word problems.

ELA Update

This week in ELA, we are wrapping up our Non-Fiction unit of study on the author's point of view verses our point of view on a topic. We will also be wrapping up our study of comparing and contrasting two Non-Fiction articles on the same topic. We have practiced these skills a lot in class by reading closely and finding evidence to support our responses. There will be a test on these topics this week, but you will not see a study guide coming home.

In grammar, we will be using nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to create simple and complex sentences for the next few weeks. This activity ties in nicely with our constructed response type of writing, where we are using evidence from text to support answers to questions.

In Spelling, we have another list of homophones, which are words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Science Update

In Science, we are wrapping up our unit on heat and matter. Our test, which will cover a lot of information, will be later this week. Please watch for a study guide to come home with the date of the test.

Social Studies Update

In Social Studies, we are starting a new chapter on the government in South Carolina and the United States. This will be an interesting chapter to study as we prepare for our trip to the SC State House on February 12th.

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, February 4 - Early Release Day, "Inside Out" with Kindness Day

Friday, February 5 - LMES Spirit Day

Friday, February 12 - Third Grade Field Trip, Valentine's Day Card Exchange

Monday, February 15- No school for students, Professional Day for Teachers

Tuesday, February 23 at 6:45 - Third Grade PTO Meeting