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Wanting to get qualified THIS week ($500 in retail sales)? Super simple…a trunk show is literally a casual, get some girlfriends together for a fun –filled evening, not a formal, plan weeks in advance event! Call one of your bff’s...tell her you’ve got THIS Wednesday available, does she want to gather the neighborhood girls together for wine and you’ll bring the jewels over. She’ll earn hundreds in FREE jewels + half off shopping…and you’ll be on your way to selling success! Those that just “throw themselves in” have HUGE success because they don’t over think it…they just start doing it!

Mystery hostess show…invite your girlfriends over. For every $25 they spend, their name will go in a hat for the hostess rewards. 2 lucky ladies will earn the hostess rewards! Have 4 friends invite 10 friends each. You provide wine and crackers (or better yet…meet at a wine bar and everyone can grab a glass of wine). Put the jewels out, collect orders and enter each hostesses name on their friend’s orders, and then enter each hostesses’ trunk show in the system. All a hostess needs is 2 unique orders and $200 in sales to collect orders.

Have a friend who wants to be a hostess? Have her gather girlfriends together THIS week at a local Mexican restaurant and go meet for a margarita, chips and salsa. You bring the jewels, set out in the middle of the table, play with, try on and have fun collecting orders.

Easter, Mother's Day and Graduation Gifts Galore! Who do you know that has a senior graduation from high school or college? Who needs to fill up those Easter Baskets? Or maybe that smart shopper who wants to knock out Mother's Day shopping now? Reach out to them and offer to help them take care of their gift giving needs…trust me, they’ll be SOO thankful and appreciative that you thought of them!

Mother/Daughter Swing by for Style in honor of Mother’s Day coming up! Plus you can maximize two guest lists between the mother and daughter!

Reach out to your friend’s HUSBANDS…let them know you are selling a line of jewelry that you know their wife is going to LOVE..and offer to help take care of their mother’s day, birthday, anniversary or "just because" gift giving needs (they’ll be thanking you that you thought of them).

Can you reach out to a working friend or husband and set up during lunch at their office? Think of Real estate companies, hair salon, interior design firm, her doctor’s or dentist office, etc.

Reach out to your February Hostesses and have them work for you and collect those outside orders and take advantage of the Trunk Show Exclusives! How about your March Hostesses who can send out and post on FB about the Alice Temperley Trunk Show Exclusives for February that end on Thursday? Super easy - spend $50 and get any or all of these items at half off!

Can you pack up your jewels and send them with a friend over the next three days? They work a lot better out and about then sitting in your office. Load her up with order forms and look books and let her know that our Style Rewards start at just $200 in retail sales and 2 orders.

What friend or customer does she have that is willing to do a “pretty in pink” coffee on Thursday Morning. She could donate a portion of her commissions to the breast cancer foundation of their choice. Moms stop by after drop off at school…better yet offer up any charity of their choice, Cancer Society, Autism, JDRF, 3-Day - everyone loves to shop for a cause!!!

Trying to sell, become qualified OR increase your sales this month? Are you going for that consistency bonus and $100 in Product Credit. Here’s a slew of ideas..pick a few that appeal to you and you too can make magic happen for YOUR business!

What does qualified mean ($500 in retail sales)? It means you earn business supply credits that will help you with your March and April trunk shows, especially with the launch of the Summer Capsule Collection around the corner. It means that you are one month closer to $100 in free jewels with the Consistency Bonus! You can receive corporate website orders if you are qualified. AND you’ll be paid on these sales NEXT week…WAHOO!!!

I’m here if you have any questions…
So…start dialing…you’ve got NOTHING to lose…and LOTS to gain!!

XOXO- Barb

... watch the BUZZ tomorrow and a SPECIAL EDITION on FRIDAY. You want to BOOK up your MARCH, just sayin'