During WW1 there were 2 fronts the Western and Eastern front, The Western Front went from Belgium all the way threw France while the Eastern front went from the Baltic sea all the way inland to the Black sea. During the war there were 2 alliances the Triple Entete and the triple Alliance, The triple Alliance was the alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria and italy while the Triple Entete was the alliance between Britain, France, Russia and when italy changed in 1915. During the war Germany needed a plan so that they could defeat France on the Western front and Russia on the Eastern front this plan was called the Schlieffen plan but the only way to complete this plan was to invade Belguim who had a agreement with Britain that they would help if on another got invaded and while Australia is under British laws we were sent to help on the Western front to help the British. During our time on the Western front we all fought many battles but the worse battle was the battle of Fromelles in France.

How did the war first start

When WW1 first strated it started as a domino affect, it started when Archbishop of Austria-hungary was assassinated. When the Archbishop was killed it started conflict between other nations it also made people take alliances and treatys with other nations. The first shots fired was when Austria- hungary invaded Serbia and Germany invaded Belgium who had a alliance with Britain while Serbia had a alliance with Russia after more people got involved the war had begun