"The Strays"

Once upon a time there was a cat and a stray dog. The cat lived in a small, cozy house and the dog had no place to sleep and nothing to eat. One night the dog watched the cat lap up some milk and eat some meat and get into bed like always. The next night the smelly, shaggy, stray dog knocked on the cat's door. The door opened, " Hello, do you have a spare bed and some food to offer?" said the stray dog. "No!" said the cat, " Why would I let a smelly, shaggy, stray dog that's full of fleas into my house?" questioned the cat as she shut the door. The next year the cat and the dog met again. The dog as no longer a stray, he lived in a big house with a man and a woman and a little girl how loved him. The cat knocked on the door of that house. " Do you have a spare bed and some food to offer? I lost my cozy house." the cat begged. " No," said the dog, " not because your filthy or that you have fleas, but because last year, you didn't open the door to me, so why should I open this door to you?" The dog closed the door. The cat slept regretfully outside on the cold, hard sidewalk.
Moral: Treat people the way you want to be treated.