Who is the greatest player in the world and their salary

Who am I

Hi my name is Hector Lopez. I am in the the 10th grade at F.L. Schlagle High School. My hobbies that I like to do are playing soccer and play in the Marching Band. I don't like to do alot of homework.

Essential Question

Who is the greatest soccer player in the world and their salary and how did they get their. I choose this question because I like to learn more new things about soccer. Also sometimes I think that Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player but I am not sure if he is because I have not done any research about it.

Explanation of Topic

What I already know about this topic is that it started in England and they used like a leather ball to play with and the used small goals to mark the points. Share what I hope to gain from my research. What time period did it started and also how did it evolved. I hope that other people will gain from my research is that they learn more new things that they didn't know about soccer.

My Process

David Beckham is a very well known soccer player. He set a goal as a boy that he wanted to play for Manchester United when he became an adult he started to play with them (Block). I think that this information is important because it shows how he set his goal and accomplished it. Also he became very famous with the free kicks that he has done. In conclusion David Beckham became very well known when he started to play with Manchester United.