Book Translator.


Piktobox is a device that turns boring books into merry movies!

- It is suitable for everyone!

- It is Eco-Friendly!

- It has many fantastic features!

Fantastic Features

Piktobox has many features, a few are:

- Eco-Friendly

- Hologram

- Import your favorite cast members for the film

Questions? Contact me on my website! https://www.Piktobox.pro

Frequently Asked Questions

- Where can i get it?

-You can contact me on my website

- How much is it?

- Piktobox is $240

- What are all the upgrades

- There are many upgrades, a few are: Faster scanning, glass exterior, glowing. For more, visit the website at https://Piktobox.Pro

How does it work?

Piktobox is a sleek glossy black box that scans books and turns them into movies! You can hook it up to a monitor or projection screen, or just use the built in hologram. Piktobox is a self-powered device, so its like a battery for itself (Doesn't mean you can charge your iPhone with it) There are two sets of gears inside, the mechanical ones that power the scanner and the ones that make the self-batter possible.