Atticus defender of mocking bird

You rarely win, but sometimes you do.”


Atticus as a person

Atticus Finch is someone who does seek to defend those that need defending regardless of who they are. He is also able to show that he has self awareness and common sence unlike the people who believed mayella of accusing tom robinson of rape. Even when it comes to defending people regardless of race atticus is very serious when it comes to defending his client. Overall atticus is someone who is smart with no regard for what people think about him when it comes to defending his client tom even if it ment being killed because how he knows what is truly right. PG9-10

All men are equal

Atticus also sees that people are the same. For example when he says to scout that he does like colored people because how he wants to get along with everyone. Atticus seeing everyone as a equal applys when he states to the jury that they should not accuse tom robinson just because of being black. Atticus trys to show this to scout, jem and everyone in the town about how he sees tom as. PG16-17

Maycomb, Alabama