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The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Here at AFAN, our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and assist people in achieving it. However, if we are not healthy ourselves, what right do we have to promote healthy living to other people? We've got to make sure that we are setting a good example to our clients of what they can accomplish if they're willing to put in the work. A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy food plan. Be sure to eat the right portions of the right foods. Make sure to drink at least 8 cups of water, every day, in order to help cleanse your body. A healthy diet should also be paired with regular exercising. Try to make sure that you achieve at least 30-45 minutes of exercise daily. An easy way of getting this exercise is by going out on a walk. If you do this daily, you may be able to eventually turn that walk into and light jog or maybe even into a run. It's these little things that we change, that can make a big impact in our lives. The key to a successful and healthy lifestyle is to always stay positive and believe in yourself. By accomplishing this goal, not only are you benefiting yourself, but you can help and inspire many others to live healthy as well.

Spotlight on: Janet Sze

Janet Sze is one of AFAN's many trainers. She specializes in nutrition counseling and personal training sessions. Janet has been taught since a young age about proper nutrition. As the daughter of a dentist, she knows that sugar is a want and vegetables are a necessity. Since childhood, Janet has been taught about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, eating the right portions of foods, and daily exercise. Growing up, Janet was accustomed to plenty of physical exercise and her love of health and science motivated her to pursue a career where she could combine both of those skills. Janet graduated from Michigan State University with BA in food and nutrition. After working for many companies in consumer product development, Janet decided it was time to put her work to a halt, and became a full-time mom. Janet dedicated has her life to learning about how to work with in an adulterated food supply and how to cater to each person's specific nutritional needs.
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AFAN Issues

Recently, our number of clientele here at AFAN has dropped. Unsure of specific reasons, we are here to inform you of our theories and address possible solutions. We hope that in addressing them we may put these problems to rest. Two major theorized issues are our competition and employee’s lack of understanding and motivation.

AFAN was created merely six months ago. Some of our competitors have over three decades of experience. We could hardly be compared, and yet we have managed to get up head to head. We lack in numbers, sure, but we only need to promote the fact that we are nothing less than our competitors. We have the same ideals, we have the same goals, and yet we are a family and they are a super giant organization. AFAN is a family, AFAN is competition, and AFAN will beat them.

It has been said that in order to boost a business you need to advertise, advertise, advertise, and here at AFAN we plan to do exactly that. Instead of boring bus bench ads or going door to door, we are going to hold competitions, within our staffing team, to see who can bring in the most clients. Be creative, in any way you can, let’s get the AFAN name out there. Just make sure the possible customer knows your name so that they can say you informed them of the service and you can gain a point. At the end of each week, we will tally all the points and the employee with the most points receives a prize. The Great Advertise Race!

We have goals, we know exactly what we want and how we’re going to get it. We are our own motivation, we have the will power and the capability to accomplish. Some of our clients merely realize they want something, with no clue of where to start. That is where we come in. We need to start educating ourselves on the right way to motivate different people. I suggest we, the AFAN family, sit down together and discuss things we can all start doing to improve our attitude towards our clients. We need to also, before every training session you have, sit with your client and discuss today’s goals. Start small, don’t think long term, and stay away from body image. The only way we can overcome this obstacle, is together.

AFAN is only just starting out and already we have something great. If we continue on this path, we’ll be a house hold name in no time. There is nothing we can’t do together, so let’s keep promoting our name, let’s keep learning about our craft, let’s be AFAN for life!

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Save The Date

As an employee of AFAN, it is important that you strive to participate in all activities that we host. The events that we hold are used as an act of advertisement. They help us bring attention to our company and get more customers. In the past ESPN visited, Chick-Fil-A came over, we've had visits from radio stations and many more. All of these events have brought potential clients to our company. These events have shown that we are open to our community. Continuing to hold activities is only going to help us in the long run. Events are helping us promote ourselves so that we can achieve our dream of spreading to more than just one location. Our hope is that the AFAN family in Katy will spread to other states like California, Nevada, and many more. If you have any ideas of activities we can host, don't be afraid to share it with us. Keep up with all of our upcoming events by following the @Afan4lifeKaty on twitter. We hope to see you at all of our events!

Our Goals

Our goal as a family here at AFAN is simple: to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people achieve it. There's many aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and AFAN is currently the only company that offers all of them under one roof. We want to people to walk into our facility and immediately be able to receive whatever it is they need. Whether it is related to fitness, nutrition, massage, or anything regarding a healthy lifestyle and the requirements to achieve it, AFAN's got it. That's what makes our company unique. The fact that we offer all these services, however, means that we have many competitors in many different categories. So while we may not be the best in one category, we give people all they need without having to go anywhere else. We want people to feel like we've always got their back, and that AFAN is a place where they can feel comfortable, loved and at home. We want them to feel like they're all part of just one big family, the AFAN family.