Highlights of the semester

Laura Bible

Field trip to A&M

Last week on December 2nd, the Fayetteville high school took a field trip to College Station to take a tour of the A&M campus. Students walked around the whole campus to see all of the different buildings and what programs the college offers. I think overall everyone enjoyed it and liked learning about the traditions. I think that next year the new high schoolers should definitely be able to go.

-Overview of the semester-

My uncle Ronnie's wedding

This has been the most redneck wedding I have ever been to in my life. The problem is everything. During the ceremony which was outside, it had big sweaty old men with their beer guts hanging out, videoing the wedding. I think i'm still scarred till this day. About in the middle of the ceremony dogs started fighting right in the middle of it. At this point it didn't surprise me. To top it off my cousin behind me was yelling and playing with a dog while she was holding it. What the heck is wrong with my family. The horrendous escapade could've been avoided if only I wasn't related to these "people".

Helping the Pre-K class

Last year we helped the kindergarten class. This year we wanted to try something different so we decided to go with the Pre-K class! The similarities are that they are all super great kids and most of them obey the teachers. However the differences is that the Pre-K class don't know as much so it takes more patience to work with them and since it's their first year of school they have to learn numbers, letters, writing, reading and etc.