Position of the President of the US By:Hunsi Jayaprakash

Requirements for the Position and Responsibilities

In order to be a President (Application requirements)

- At least 35 yrs old

- Native born and American citizen

-Also you must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

Constitutional Powers of the President

Article II, states the basis of the President's powers. The President's main job is to execute, or enforce, the laws Congress passes. Veto the bills that Congress passes, serve as Commander in Chief of the armed forces, make treaties with other countries, and has the power to issue a pardon or reprieve to people convicted of Federal crimes.

Roles of the President

Other Roles of the President

Chief Diplomat

The President Directs foreign policy , and makes key decisions about how the United States interacts with other countries

Commander in Chief

The President is in charge of the Army, Navy Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Only the President can order American soldiers into battle.

Legislative Leader

President must sign bills into law, he can do three things when a bill is being addressed. President also has a legislative program where the legislative agenda is given to Congress in the annual State of Union address.

Party Leader

The President is viewed as the leader of his/her political party and selects the party's national chairperson

Economic Leader

The President deals with many economic issues that include unemployment rates, inflation, and high taxes. The President also meets with budget officials.