Captain John Paul Jones

by Jordan Glander

John Paul Jones was born in Scotland in 1742 or 1747. He was a famous naval officer. When he was 13 years old he became a "ship's boy" and sailed on the Friendship. The Friendship was a merchant ship that sailed between England, Virginia and the West Indies. After 14 years of sailing, Jones had learned a lot about sailing and became a captain of a merchant ship at the age of 21. He was not a well liked captain. His crew tried to take over the ship. He had to go to America to avoid murder charges after he killed the sailor who led the mutiny.

A short time after the Revolutionary War began, Jones was made a first lieutenant in the Continental Navy. He later became the commander of a ship. He impressed the Navy with his military skills and they sent him to England to raid merchant ships.

Jones was successful in his raids on English ships and was soon in charge of 5 Navy ships and 2 French Privateers. During this time the ships sailed around the British Isles attacking British Ports. In September 1779, Jones and his crew fought a very famous battle off the coast of Yorkshire, England. It was during this battle that Jones made his famous quote, "I have not yet begun to fight", after the British asked if he wanted to surrender. the battle continued and Jones won.

After the Revolutionary War, Jones went on to serve in the Russian Navy. He died in Paris in 1792 at the age of 45.

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