Families in Argentina

By Giles Johnson

Family Structure

In Atgentinan families the most comman form of family is the nuclear type. Families in Argentina are smaller than most others, averaging only 2 children in each household. Although, in tradition young mairried peolpe would live with the parents for some time, but now they usually go find a home on their own.

Relationships parent/child

In Argentina, it is the parents that make the choices not the kids. However, child are given a great deal of attention. Children will often help around in the house and the parents will do many things to make sure their children get a good education.

Gender Roles

Gender role of the man in Argentina is the head of the house, they usually work long hours and are the familys source of income. The woman rasies the children cleans the house, but sometimes they work outside of the house. The children just usually go to school.


Peolpe from Argentina belive that the child are very important. they show this by giving them lots of attention and giving them a good education.
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Interesting Fact

In tradition, when a child loses a tooth that child would put it under their pillow and a rat called El RatÃn Perez will put cash under that pillow for th child. Sometimes, kids might even wright a note to him.


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