Calories in our Food

Calories in food collected

Angie Taub-Middle School Math

For a community service project, our school collected can food for needy families. In math class, we used 100 cans to collect the range of calories in the various foods. This lesson integrated health education with mathematics common core standards. Students have been studying about caloric intake in health education. We were able to look at our can food and determine which kinds of foods had the least and highest calories using a review of the bar graph. Then we took this data and looked at the difference between a bar graph and a histogram, which gave us a range of calories. We then determined which range of calories occurred most frequently. We used Google docs to collect data, then used Numbers on our Macs to take that data and make bar graphs and histograms. I used videos to demonstrate to my students how to develop bar graphs and histograms in Numbers. Students then summarized their findings in Pages. In the next step students have begun to collect data to create their own histogram.
Making Simple Bar Graphs in Mac Numbers
Making a Histogram with Macintosh Numbers