Public works administration

Established June 1933

Who was the program intended to help?

It was to help provide employment and help revive the economy

What was this program intended to do?

It was intended to budget several billion of dollars spent on construction to provide employment, stabilizing purchasing power and improving public welfare.

Relief ,Recovery , or Reform ?

This program falls under Relief ,because FDR wanted to make the economy grow. For example, it funded 34,000 projects including airports, hospitals, electricity generating dams , aircraft carriers

How successful was it ?

The PWA was successful it created more jobs for the unemployed.

How does this help us understand the Great Depression?

It helps me understand how FDR tried to do everything he could to help the U.S. This program tried helping unemployed people and make small business but wasn't successful.

Does the Public Works Administration still exist?

No it was closed down in 1939 because it was no longer needed.
New Deal-Public Works Association

Video summary

The PWA created construction jobs. It wanted to create jobs for the unemployed so they could receive income. With PWA you could go from being unemployed to having a job & living your life how it was before

the Great Depression.