My Mission Statement

By.Kasie Helton

Im Kasie, and this is my mission statement.

Why We Made It?

At the beginning of our sophomore year, all of our teachers took time to help us decide on a mission statement to have something for us to go by for our future. It includes short term goals, as in goals we will reach within our high school years, and long term goals for college, and adulthood.

Mission Statement

  1. I believe your going to have to work hard in life to succeed.
  2. You can just be handed success, it takes time.
  3. Everybody is going to want success but everybody else doesn't want to work for it.
  4. My short term goal is to make the most out of my high school experience and do the best i can by making A's and B's throughout high school.
  5. My long term goal is to be a pediatrician, and be able to support myself and my family.
  6. One high school expectation for my behavior is to always do my best and realize that I'm going to have to work for things.
  7. One High School expectation for y academic success is to have at least a 4.0 g.p.a when I graduate high school.