Walk the court in basketball shoes

History of basketball shoes

They have changed in many ways like the shoes before were low tops now there high tops for ankle protection.They barley had any rubber the size,shape,color,and weight has changed completely. now these shoes have pumps/air in the shoe to make you jumping higher and preformeance better. The basketball shoes have started from 1917 to now 2015.

Kobe Bryant

I wake up put my slippers on I walk downstairs to see my kids I try and try for them.but I im always on the move games every week I always sad. The game helps me get through it. I have to leave early and I'll be back to see my wife and kids later.I pack my clothes get my bag and put on my sneakers. I drive to the air port then I get on the airplane I'm going to Clevland to face the cavilers. When we get there I'm to tired to even get of the plane when I get to the hotel I take my shoes of and my feet feel like clouds.i fall asleep and, wake up early in the morning and put on the new kobes that came out I'm really happy about them. More air,new rubber these shoes make my proformance better. I get to the stadium earlier so I can get ready.I put both of my shoes on i quickly lace them up and get hyped with my teammates we walk out the locker rooms and now are on the court we get introduced "number 24 Kobe Bryant!" We get tip off. "Squeak squeak" I'm running down court I go for the shot but it gets stealed I use the new rubber they added for the kobe"s and switch directions with all my might and take off.my opponent try's to dunk it I jump up and "whack" I block it from him now we have possession I pass it to nick young and swish he makes the basket! 3 quarters later 50 seconds left were up by 2 Kyrie Irving makes a three barley one more bounce and they would still be down by 2. Now there up 10 seconds left I get the ball I ran down the court. 10 seconds left I jump up high and pow.

My passion

I have watched basketball ever since I was 4. His name was Kobe Bryant he could dunk and shoot 3 pointers I had to like them. I still just love him.