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24 September 2015

Office 365 Sites

What is Sites?

HRHS has a Team Site for file storage and sharing in Office 365. Think of it as the replacement for the old School Shared network drive, except files are able to be accessed away from school. Certainly, it is not like Google Sites, a web content editor. Our team site is limited to HRHS staff members, and all staff members are able to access all documents within our team site.

Sites is meant for team collaboration; thus, team members can edit any document uploaded to or created in our team site. Give consideration to what you add to Sites. If the document needs to be read-only, convert the file to PDF before uploading to Sites.

Team members also have the ability to Check Out and Check In documents that need to be edited. A version history is accessible for edited documents, and you can choose to receive alerts on files that have been changed.
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The Team Site behaves much like your OneDrive except, it is a shared OneDrive. You can:
  • upload files to the space,
  • create documents within the space,
  • create folders,
  • move files/folders,
  • delete files/folders,
  • and more.

What Kind of Files Should Go in Team Sites?

Currently, in the Teachers Shared folder, we have a school map, ThinkingMaps.notebook, and an SIP folder. Since you cannot share a file with a group, you may consider uploading the file to our HRHS Team Site. It may be better to organize our shared files and folders in our Team Site rather than sifting through our own Shared With Me directory.