I chose Atlanta because she was the main character and was interesting and she became a legend in the myth. I also chose her because she was determined because she overcame increasingly difficult tasks. I also chose her because she was honorable and brave in the myth and showed that she was a great hunter and was strong as any other man and wasn't afraid of taking on challenges. Also the name stuck out to me because it sounded interesting to me.


This Myth is about a girl named Atlanta who grew up to become a legend. When Atlanta was first born she was born a princess but was abandoned as a kid because her father King Iasius wanted a son. King Iasius wanted a son because it was the age of the hero's and he thought only a son could become a legend and do battle and be heir to the throne but a daughter had been born so he told one of his guards to take his baby daughter into the wilderness and abandon her. The guard did as he was told and took the baby far into the wilderness and abandoned her. Atlanta had gotten lucky because if she was left outside she would have died but a female bear saved her and took her back to her warm dry cave. Then for a year the bear fed and protected the Atlanta and in this time she grew strong and healthy, but one day a group of hunters passed by the cave and the leader of the group Starvos found Atlanta and took her in and trained her to be her a hunter. At first she went on hunts with Starvos and one day she saved him by shooting two centaurs in the heart from a great distance and showed off her amazing skill. After that a few years later Starvos became ill and died and after his death Atlanta lived a solitary life in the woods and never complained and in fact it was hard to take her away from it. Atlanta one day was drawn to a challenge to kill a boar that had been slaughtering entire herds and flocks of sheep and more. Atlanta and a group of hunters went out and saw the boar in a swamp and killed it but it was difficult and many were killed. Then one day Atlanta passed by Arcadia and the king sent for her and to her surprise it was her father king Iasius and so she became a princess. After a little time king Iasius pleaded Atlanta for a grandchild before he died so Atlanta finally agreed but she had one condition that the husband had to beat her in a footrace. Atlanta's friend was the only one to beat her and so he married her.
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She was courageous because she took on the task of killing the boar and liked challenges and didn't get scared and back down from them.


She was able to take care of her herself in the woods when she lived in them and was able to provide for herself and she has great hunting skills and great speed.


You could depend on her to get something done or save someone like for example when she saved Starvos from getting killed or killed the boar for the city.


She worked together with people if she needed to, to get the job done like when she worked together with Meleager when she needed to kill the boar.


Atlanta was determined because if she set out to do something she would do it and not complain or get scared.


Atlanta was smart because when the two centaurs ran at Starvos, every other hunter in the group shot arrows at the centaurs randomly and missed while Atlanta was actually studying the scene and judging the distance so she wouldn't miss and finally when the centaurs were upon Starvos she quickly shot two arrows and killed them.

Extension Of Knowledge

After Atlanta and Hippomenes were married but didn't have a happily ever after because they made two mistakes. The First one was that Hippomenes was so happy he forgot to thank Aphrodite for giving him the golden apples that let him win and get married to Atlanta. The second one was that on the way to Hippomenes' home they stopped at Zeus' temple and made love and so the gods didn't take this lightly and Aphrodite turned them into lions one day as they were walking through the woods. They made love in the temple because of the first mistake because Aphrodite was mad she made them make love so Hippomenes mainy caused this but it affected both of them. Also Aphrodite turned them into lions because the gods thought that lions could not mate.