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Welcome to our Welcome page!!!!! =)

Here we will have updates about upcoming or recent things we will be creating on the channel. If you don't know what our youtube is all about here is the basics; we are a bunch of really close derpy friends that do crazy things and laugh together a lot, i mean A LOT! XD We love to play minecraft together and we are all very competitive and have our own unique qualities. You can find at least somebody in our group that you will love and enjoy watching. We all hope that you enjoy our channel and keep liking, subscribing and commenting. We enjoy making these videos for you who watch so tell your friends, family or anybody to go and check out our channel, we would really appreciate it.

Have a derply epic day!

-Enderlings =) =P xD xP =D

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Changes (June 20, 2015)

We have recently lost some members of Epic Rebellion due to some complications, making uploading content hard for us so please be patient with us. Summer just started and with that brings a new series!! <3 We hope you like our new uploads that will be coming soon next week, so subscribe to get emails when we post our next videos!