A dream vacation.

Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia

Flight and Travel

We will plan on spending roughly $1800 for a round trip flight in and out of the Philippines and $1000 for food. Then we have a hotel and spend 3 days there with a price of $138 total. After the three days we will take a $700 ferry to Vietnam. We spend two days in Vietnam with a hotel expense of $104. On our last day in 'Nam we will rent a van for $1400, gas included. We will sleep in the van while we're in Laos and Cambodia. Then we will buy a hotel room in Thailand for two days at a price of $171. On our last day we will drive back to 'Nam and take a ferry, already paid for with the $700, to the Philippines and fly home.


What you would learn from the trip?

You would learn how important the Mekong river is to the cultural influence and the economic influence.
You would also learn why the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam were important during the Vietnam War.