By:Jena Arnett -7

A drama is a story enacted onstage for a live audience. Origins of drama: The word drama comes from the greek verb dran which means "to do." The earlist drama/plays were written around the fifth B.C. Dramas were produced for festivals to honor dionysus, the god of wine and fertility. Characters who face a problem is called a confict. A confilict is a stuggle or clash between opposing characters or forces. There is alaso comedy. A comedy ends happy and funny. Theres tradegy too, a tradegy is a play where it ends unhappy. the protaginst of most classical tradgies is a tragic hero. there is alaso modern play and drama.stages can have many differnt sizes/shapes and layouts. scene designs transforms a bare stage into the world of the play. a stage set could be realistic and detailed or abstract and minimul. Costumes could also be detailed or minimul. Lighting can be used for affect, such as mood, sighting and they way you see it.