Forest Heights News

The week of 3/23/15

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What is happening at the Heights...

Fire Evacuation on Monday

March 23 - JLine Dance Crew - Postive Behavior Assembly

March 24,25,26 FHES Benchmarks - Testing this week. We went over this in the staff meeting on last Thursday, but look for information to follow from Mrs. Setzer. We need everyone to be flexible and willing. Thanks in advance.

March 25 - The staff meeting on the FHES Event Calendar was held on Tuesday. You will not have another one this week.

March 25 - Gaston County Spelling Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., Hunter Huss

March 25 - BASKETBALL Battle of the Schools FHES vs. PRES.

March 31 - FIELD DAY

April 3-10 - SPRING BREAK

April 6 - Flexible Benefits enrollment opens

April 20 - 10am PreK from Rankin 1-3 (20 children) Visit to Kindergarten

June 12 - Flexible Benefits enrollment closes

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For A Limited Time Only

  • Bring in Names for EOG proctors and get 2 Jeans passes for each.
  • The person named must commit to proctor one or more full sessions in May (8am-11:30am) when we call them back.
  • This must be an adult 18 or over and have good people skills.
  • This person can be a community member, your or a student's parent, relative,or friend.
  • You may received up to 10 passes while we run this promotion. Get them while the getting is good.

When you have confirmed that the proctor meets all of the requirements for our EOG testing please deliver the name, email address and phone number to Mrs. Knox. Please let the proctor know that someone from the school will be calling them to confirm and then closer to the dates they will be contacted a second time as a friendly reminder. Upcoming events like Field Day, the book fair and Skate Night will be times to get those commitments from our community.

Thanks for working to help us get the resources needed to be successful!

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Grades K Thru 5

Please make sure that you have the list of 13 students embedded in your minds, memories, tattooed on you, it doesn't matter how you embrace them as long as you have them. These are the names you will dream of for the next month at Forest Heights.

Grades 3,4 &5 we are going one step further, the leadership team and I are familiarizing ourselves with the names. We will help to enforce good behavior, healthy homework habits, extra study time, test taking or whatever it takes to get 13 to equal 110.

We are quickly running out of time, but we can leave a legacy of excellence, growth and proficiency if we act NOW.

Kindergarten Spotlight

Various Kindergarteners celebrated the luck of the Irish their Saint Patty's Day Green last week.

Thank you Ms. Hill for sharing!

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Fish and Chicken Sale

Friday, March 27th, 11am

1518 Edgefield Avenue

Gastonia, NC

Dustin Stamey our (ROTC) Huss Student that works very hard here has requested that we purchase a Fish, Chicken or Combo plate from him to support Huss. The food will be delivered if we purchase 10 plates or close to it. If not he will give you a ticket to pick-up from the school. The cost of the tickets are $8 each.

Please sign up in the office and leave your money with Lauren or Karon by Tuesday or Wednesday. He is very anxious to sell tickets and show how well he can do.

Thanks for your support of our GCS students.

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Behaviors are on the rise

With Spring there is always a rise in behavior infractions. We picked a good time to have our positive assembly. Please go back into your classrooms and discuss positive behaviors, our school and classroom procedures. Review them each day for the next several days to remind students of expectations. Use Dojo points to encourage the positive more frequently as we work our way toward our Spring Break. As we all know it's better to give that to receive so give our children the praises that they desire when they do well on task and learning.

Spring Fever doesn't have to make us all sick if we use our tools effectively to manage and appreciate children. Oh more parent calls about our bad behaviors. We are role models and are held to a higher standard . . . like it or not.

Adopt -A- Class / Foster Classes

Our schools Adopt-A-Class has morphed into more of a Foster Care type situation. As you know adoption is by choice and fostering you get what you get when you get it. I have worked to align all support staff and classrooms up with an upper grades class. The purpose of this project is to see these students around campus and encourage successful test taking, boost student confidence and accountability. It is meant for you to be that extra vote of encouragement that you can do this.

I did not want to get students off track from studies, learning and working; so I only planned for the 2 weeks prior to testing. Please do not interrupt our students instructional time to show your support. Make arrangements with your Foster Classroom Leader to find suitable times to drop in if the item can not be left in the teachers box or electronically delivered into the classroom. Recess and Lunch are always winning times.

You are receiving this information early so that if you need to plan, class list and counts there will be time. Have fun and make sure you keep me updated on your plans.

Use this link to see who you are now the proud Foster Parent of...and if you really like them you can keep them. Go right ahead and Adopt-A-Class.

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Summer School Grades K-3

Here is an opprotunity to keep from having summer learning loss. Be our kids CHAMPION. Teach summer school this summer. There may be various opprotunities for you to make some extra cash while helping our babies hold on to what we've worked so hard to help them gain all year long.

If interested in teaching summer school, subbing a day or two for summer school, driving a bus or even coming out as a special guest for a day or two fill out the quick survey attached to this so that I can get your information to the right people when requested.

Digital Learning Committee members wanted for GCS

Anyone interested in serving on the Digital Learning Committee to help create a district rubric please contact me today. I will put your name down.

You will receive a Digital Learning Rubric in survey format to complete. Members will then come together to reach consensus regarding district rating for the Digital Learning Rubric on May 11 at 3:30 PM at the Rader Center.

MARCH Birthdays

Charlotte Griffin's Birthday March 1st

Diane McCormick's Birthday March 13th

Jill Medfords' Birthday March 18th

Tamela Jones' Birthday March 19th

Pam Yarborough's Birthday March 26th

Selecia Miller's Birthday March 26th

Let me know:

I am sure that you all have very interesting stories to tell about things you are doing. Please email me newsletter worthy information so that we can share with our staff.