Ancient Greek Times

By Oona Silverstein and Emma Hale

Olympic Games

The Olympic games are back! It has been four years since we saw the last games! Olympia is a city state that holds important crown games. Everyone is exited and jumping with anticipation for the games to begin! Come down and honor Zeus, king of the gods. Theses games are so important that wars stop when the games are being played. It is a very special game, and no one wants to miss the games. People from all the city states come to theses games! Some people come to compete, some people come to watch, but only man are allowed to watch the ancient Greek games at Olympia. However, woman have their own athletic games at Olympia. Theses games have been around for a while, but people are sill playing them! The first games were actually played in 776 B.C. The first modern games were held in Athens in 1896. Like usual, a festival will be held for the games, so you don 't want to miss it! Here are the schedules for the games below….

Day 1 12:00 foot aces

Day 2 12:00 chariot races

Day 3 12:00 boxing

Day 4 12:00 wrestling

Day 5 12:00 brutal sports

Day 5 5:00 (festival) and 5:30 (feast)

One games is called Pankration, it is a cross between boxing and wrestling and the only thing prohibited is eye gouging.

These are called the Pancratium and they are among the early olympics sports. Another games is called Paneratium which is a cross between boxing, wrestling, biting, kicking, gouging, and strangling.

I hope you look forward to a five day vacation, remember it only lasts five days and it takes place every four summers.( four years) So pack your bags and head down to olympia!