Crogans Loyalty

The time line of the Crogan brothers.

Author - Chris Schweizer

Chris Schweizerwas born in 1980, grew up in Louisiana and Kentucky, and went to college at Murray State University. He majored in art, then theater, then history, then English, then ended up back with art, earning a BFA in graphic design.
The first book in the Crogan Adventures series, Crogan’s Vengeance, came out in 2008. Chris made the book while he was in graduate school, studying Sequential Art (that’s the academic name for comics) at SCAD-Atlanta, the metropolitan branch of the Savannah College of Art and Design. It was nominated for an Eisner award. He received another Eisner nomination a few years later for Crogan's Loyalty.
He received his MFA in 2008, and began teaching at SCAD-Atlanta shortly afterwards as an instructor in the Sequential Art and Animation departments. After five years of teaching, he decided that he would stop after the school year ended in 2013 in order to devote all of his attention to storytelling (and, of course, his family).
He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Liz and daughter Penelope.

Summary of the book

The book starts out in the present day Crogan, who is having problems with his brother, he then tells the story if his ancestors, William, and Charlie Crogan. He talks about how both brothers are always fighting, constantly. They seem like they hate each other, but deep down, they're still family. The present day Crogan, in the beginning, talks about how William and Charlie met. First of all, William is a rebel to his country, minutemen if you will, and Charlie emerged from his education as unrest in the American Colonies started to hit a tipping point and he has kept his allegiance with the Crown. So they both have different perspectives between right and wrong. They both meet one day in the woods. They go through this crazy adventure. Meeting many people including Bess; woman who William knows and is very fond of, Ken Darty a local man who wants the colonists to expand westward at the expense of the Natives, whom he considers savages , Jonah red legs; the Shawnee chief, who doesn’t want to fight on either side but can’t keep the younger men in the band from offering their services to the British; they meet Two-Tom, a fierce Mingo who has his own agenda, which includes kidnapping Bess; they meet Charles’ unit, which is made up of both British and Hessians, including Captain Unterbrüsch, who takes offense that William calls his men “mercenaries.” They go through this crazy adventure together but the one thing the book wouldn't tell till the end, was the brothers loyalty. Do family come first? Or is it there choice of life that matters the most?

The Crogan brothers

Review of the book

This book was really good especially if you have a brother or sister because you know how much of a pain it is to fight with them. But in the end you're family. No matter what perspective. But in the book, it shows them arguing a whole lot. But they had some good laughs when they were joking about something. But one thing crossed the line that made the two fight for real, the melting point. The book talks about how William has this notebook called Unterbrüsch’s. That book has information about the ground troop camps and where they are located but Charlie wants to rescue Bess because she was captured by a man named two-tom, he has his own agenda, but William believes that is the right thing to do, but his brother, Charlie, needs the papers to look at where the camps are. This is important because the rebels are planning a attack and with that paper holding the information of the troops, many lives are at steak and Charlie believes that is the best thing to do. William doesn't give the book to Charlie, but still helps him rescue Bess, but the melting point happens when Charlie finds out William has the book. So Charlie is still wanting to be Loyal to his country. But William wants to be with Bess. And that's where it all happened, they both ended up not seeing each other anymore. William was still loyal to his country. And Charlie lives a different life. But that doesn't mean they both still care for each other. In the end, they still are family.

Timeline 1 - Meeting Charlie and William

This book starts out with present day Crogan, and he is having issues with his brother, so he talks about it while they are driving to his brother, and he then tells a story about Charlie and William Crogan. And this is how they met. Charles is in the woods, scouting for his unit to make sure there aren’t any rebels in the area. Meanwhile, William has been sent to visit the Shawnee to convince them to support the colonists – he and Charles know the chief from their childhood, so William believes he has a chance. They stumble across each other and their adventure begins!

Picture: The picture shows how Charlie and William meet and how they got into a fight.

Timeline 2 - Meeting Bess

After Charlie and William fuss and fight, they both stumble into a women named Bess. She is a friend of William, and William seems to have a crush on Bess. But when they meet Bess, Bess stumbles on Charlie as well. And she claims that William has never told her about him having a brother. And William and Charlie end up arguing that they're not related, at least in there perspective in things, and Bess ends up having them over for dinner. (Work on this one still!!)

Picture: Shows The first time they meet Bess.

Timeline 3 - Meeting Ken Darty

Ken Darty wasn't really in the book a lot. But he's one of the characters Charlie and William meet. He showed up the night William and Charlie were having supper at Bess' house. Bess lives with her mother and pa. They are having supper together and they talk about how Charlie is a red coat or a "lobster" and ken Darty argues that Charlie shouldn't be in the territory. He doesn't trust Charlie and threatens him if he's not gone by the next day, he'll take care of it, and troops especially. And he leaves the house. I thought this was significant because this is how all of the people in that territory is exactly how ken feels. And that it gives you a background of what can happen if Charlie shows up in town or is still there by the next day.

Picture: shows Who ken Darty is and how he talks about Charlie being a lobster.

Timeline 4 - Jonah Red Legs

Jonah Red legs is a Shawnee chief of a Native American tribe. He was a friend of William and Charlie's father. They didn't meet him, but visiting him because William wanted the chiefs tribe to join him and the rebels. The chief refused and said they believe of peace and they didn't want to take sides. And instead of fighting, just respect each other's morals and company. After that talk, they had lunch with the tribe. After lunch, Charlie had said he needed to say goodbye to William because he had needed to meet with his scout group. But Charlie insists he tag along with him and they're both off.

Picture: shows Jonah, the chief, and how he is talking about a man named two-tom.

Timeline 5 - Two-Tom

Two-tom was actually early on in the book. He is Native American. Not much is known about him, but he has his own agendas. I chose this time because two-tom has been stalking Charlie and William ever since they got into Bess' house. And as we continue on through the book, he finally makes his move and attack the Crogan brothers. Luckily they managed to get away. But when they both think there safe, Bess isn't. He kidnaps Bess and that's where things go down between the Crogan brothers. So just to clarify, this timeline is when two-tom kidnaps Bess.

Picture: Two-tom being shown.

Timeline 6 - The good man

I believe this was really important in the book because this shows how both the brothers end up not being, seeing, or speaking with each other no more. But that doesn't mean they won't care for each other. What happens is, William rescues Bess from two-tom but then captain Unterbrüsch came in and tried to get the papers from William. Otherwise the captain would kill him. But the defining moment happened, when Charlie shot his brother in the knee and told the captain to get the notebook from him and your business is done with him. Even though William won't be able to walk again, he still lives. And Charlie ends up staying with the crown. And for William, he quit and married Bess. But they both do not speak to each other or have anything to do with each other. But again, they still care for one another. And this makes William, the better man.

Picture: Shows captain Unterbrüsch saying William is not a good soldier, but a good man, and that's what is needed the most sometimes.